Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 655

POxy 655, Fragment D (logion 24)

Text Translation
[                If light i]s
[in a man of l]ight,
[it shines in all the w]orld;
[but if it is n]ot,[ (then) it]
[(the world) i]s [in darkness.]
] .

Cf. NHC II, 38: 3-10: (24) His disciples said, "Show us the place where you are, for it is necessary for us to seek it." He said to them, "Whoever has ears let him hear. Within a man of light there is light and he lights the whole world. When he does not shine, there is darkness."

POxy 655, 1-17, Fragment A; B - left column (logion 36)

Text Translation
  [Jesus says, "Do not be solicit]
[ous f]rom morning un[til evening,]
[no]r from eve[ning]
[until mo]rning either [for]
[y]our [sustenance], what [you will] ea
[t, or] for [your] clo
[thing], what you [will] pu
[t] on. [You] are worth [far]
more than [the lili]
es whi[ch g]
row but do not s[pi]n, a[nd]
have n[o] clo[th]ing. And
you, what do [you lack?]
Who of you can add
to this stature?
He will [g]ive
you your clothing."

Cf. NHC II, 39:24-27: (36) Jesus said, "Take no thought from morning until evening and from evening until morning for what you shall put on."

N.B.: The lacunae marked with *) indicate the combination of fragments A and B.

POxy 655, 17-24, Fragment B - left column (logion 37)

Text Translation
His disciples
say to him,
"When will you be reveal
ed to us and when
shall we see you?" He says,
"When you take off your clothes and
are not ashamed [..."]

Cf. NHC II, 39:27 - 40:2: (37) His disciples said, "When will you be revealed to us and when will we see you?" Jesus said, "When you take off your clothing without being ashamed, and take your clothes and put them under your feet as the little children and tread on them, then [you shall behold] the Son of the Living (One) and you shall not fear."

POxy 655, 29-39, Fragment C (logion 38)

Text Translation
[Jesus] sa[ys, "]O
[ften have you desired
to hear] the[se wo]
r[ds I am saying to you,]
an[d you have no other from who]
m [to hear them.
There will be]
da[ys when you se]
e[k me and you will not]
. [find me."]

Cf. NHC II, 40:2-7: (38) Jesus said, "Many times have you desired to hear these words which I say to you, and you have no other from whom to hear them. There will be days that you will seek me (and) you will not find me."

N.B.: The first line of fragment C is considered to be part of the end of logion 36 according to the reconstructions of Fitzmyer and Layton.

POxy 655, 39-51, Fragment B - right column (logion 39)

Text Translation
... re[ceived the keys]
of [knowledge and have]
hid[den them; neither have they]
enter[ed nor permit
ted those who ]
would [enter.]
But [you] bec[ome wi]
se a[s the serpents and]
guil[eless as the do]


. . . . . . . .

Cf. NHC II, 40:7-13: (39) Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the Scribes have received the keys of knowledge, they have hidden them. They did not enter, and they did not let those (enter) who wished. But you become wise as serpents and innocent as doves."

POxy 655, Fragment E

Text Translation

Fragment E seems to relate to fragment D. They are both fragments that come from the bottom of a column.

POxy 655, Fragment F

Text Translation

POxy 655, Fragment G

Text Translation

POxy 655, Fragment H

Text Translation

Fragments F, G and H appear in the editio princeps, but are now lost.